Revista de la
Unión Matemática Argentina

Articles in press

The following articles have been accepted for publication in forthcoming issues of Revista de la Unión Matemática Argentina.

  1. SUSY $N$-supergroups and their real forms. Rita Fioresi and Stephen Diwen Kwok
  2. $\eta$-Ricci solitons on LP-Sasakian manifolds. Pradip Majhi and Debabrata Kar
  3. Factorization of Frieze patterns. Moritz Weber and Mang Zhao
  4. Conformal and Killing vector fields on real submanifolds of canonical complex space form. Hanan Alohali, Haila Alodan, and Sharief Deshmukh
  5. On $k$-circulant matrices involving the Jacobsthal numbers. Biljana Radičić
  6. On the mixed integer randomized pattern search algorithm. Ebert Brea
  7. Existence and uniqueness of solutions to distributional differential equations involving Henstock-Kurzweil-Stieltjes integrals. Guoju Ye, Mingxia Zhang, Wei Liu, and Dafang Zhao
  8. Pseudoholomorphic curves in $\mathbb{S}^6$ and $\mathbb{S}^5$. J.-H. Eschenburg and Th. Vlachos
  9. A rigidity result for Kählerian manifolds endowed with closed conformal vector fields. A. Caminha
  10. Conformal semi-invariant Riemannian maps to Kähler manifolds. Mehmet Akif Akyol and Bayram Şahin
  11. Real hypersurfaces in complex Grassmannians of rank two with semi-parallel structure Jacobi operator. Avik De, Tee-How Loo, and Changhwa Woo
  12. Regularity of maximal functions associated to a critical radius function. B. Bongioanni, A. Cabral, and E. Harboure
  13. Matrix moment perturbations and the inverse Szegő matrix transformation. E. Fuentes and L. E. Garza
  14. New extensions of Cline's formula for the generalized Drazin-Riesz inverses. A. Tajmouati, M. Karmouni, and M. B. Mohamed Ahmed
  15. Biconservative Lorentz hypersurfaces in $\mathbb{E}_{1}^{n+1}$ with complex eigenvalues. Ram Shankar Gupta and A. Sharfuddin
  16. Functional analytic issues in $\mathbb{Z}_2^n$-geometry. Andrew James Bruce and Norbert Poncin
  17. Local solvability of elliptic equations of even order with Holder coefficients. María Amelia Muschietti and Federico Tournier
  18. A heat conduction problem with sources depending on the average of the heat flux on the boundary. Mahdi Boukrouche and Domingo A. Tarzia
  19. On convergence of subspaces generated by dilations of polynomials. An application to best local approximation. F. E. Levis and C. V. Ridolfi
  20. On classes of finite rings. Aleksandr Tsarev
  21. Computing convex hulls of trajectories. Daniel Ciripoi, Nidhi Kaihnsa, Andreas Löhne, and Bernd Sturmfels
  22. Perturbation of Ruelle resonances and Faure-Sjöstrand anisotropic space. Yannick Guedes Bonthonneau
  23. Generalized metallic structures. Adara M. Blaga and Antonella Nannicini
  24. A canonical distribution on isoparametric submanifolds I. Cristián U. Sánchez
  25. Second cohomology space of $\mathfrak{sl}(2)$ acting on the space of bilinear bidifferential operators. Imed Basdouri
  26. Krein space unitary dilations of Hilbert space holomorphic semigroups. S. A. M. Marcantognini
  27. Lifting vector fields from manifolds to $r$-jet prolongation of the tangent bundle. Jan Kurek and Włodzimierz M. Mikulski
  28. Localization operators and scalogram associated with the generalized continuous wavelet transform on $\mathbb{R}^d$ for the Heckman-Opdam theory. Hatem Mejjaoli and Khalifa Trimèche
  29. Drazin inverse of singular adjacency matrices of directed weighted cycles. Andrés M. Encinas, Daniel A. Jaume, Cristian Panelo, and Adrián Pastine
  30. $\mathfrak{D}^\perp$-invariant real hypersurfaces in complex Grassmannians of rank two. Ruenn-Huah Lee and Tee-How Loo
  31. On the atomic and molecular decomposition of the weighted Hardy spaces. Pablo Rocha
  32. On some fixed point theorems in abstract duality pairs. Kinga Cichoń, Mieczysław Cichoń, and Mohamed M. A. Metwali
  33. On Jacobson's lemma and Cline's formula for Drazin inverses. Dijana Mosić
  34. Viscosity approximation method for solutions of modified split generalized equilibrium and fixed point problems. Hammed Anuoluwapo Abass, Chinedu Izuchukwu, and Oluwatosin Mewomo
  35. The geodesic flow on nilmanifolds associated to graphs. Gabriela P. Ovando
  36. Reflexivity of rings via nilpotent elements. Abdullah Harmanci, Handan Kose, Yosum Kurtulmaz, and Burcu Ungor