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Vol. 61, no. 1 (2020)

Local solvability of elliptic equations of even order with Hölder coefficients. María Amelia Muschietti and Federico Tournier
We consider elliptic equations of order $2m$ with Hölder coefficients. We show local solvability of the Dirichlet problem with $m$ conditions on the boundary of the upper half space. First we consider local solvability in free space and then we treat the boundary case. Our method is based on applying the operator to an approximate solution and iterating in the Hölder spaces. A priori estimates for the approximate solution is the essential part of the paper.
On convergence of subspaces generated by dilations of polynomials. An application to best local approximation. Fabián E. Levis and Claudia V. Ridolfi
We study the convergence of a net of subspaces generated by dilations of polynomials in a finite dimensional subspace. As a consequence, we extend the results given by Zó and Cuenya [Advanced Courses of Mathematical Analysis II (Granada, 2004), 193–213, World Scientific, 2007] on a general approach to the problems of best vector-valued approximation on small regions from a finite dimensional subspace of polynomials.
Perturbation of Ruelle resonances and Faure–Sjöstrand anisotropic space. Yannick Guedes Bonthonneau
Given an Anosov vector field $X_0$, all sufficiently close vector fields are also of Anosov type. In this note, we check that the anisotropic spaces described by Faure and Sjöstrand and by Dyatlov and Zworski can be chosen adapted to any smooth vector field sufficiently close to $X_0$ in $C^1$ norm.
Generalized metallic structures. Adara M. Blaga and Antonella Nannicini
We study the properties of a generalized metallic, a generalized product and a generalized complex structure induced on the generalized tangent bundle of a smooth manifold $M$ by a metallic Riemannian structure $(J,g)$ on $M$, providing conditions for their integrability with respect to a suitable connection. Moreover, by using methods of generalized geometry, we lift $(J,g)$ to metallic Riemannian structures on the tangent and cotangent bundles of $M$, underlying the relations between them.
A heat conduction problem with sources depending on the average of the heat flux on the boundary. Mahdi Boukrouche and Domingo A. Tarzia
Motivated by the modeling of temperature regulation in some mediums, we consider the non-classical heat conduction equation in the domain $D=\mathbb{R}^{n-1}\times\mathbb{R}^{+}$ for which the internal energy supply depends on an average in the time variable of the heat flux $(y, s)\mapsto V(y,s)= u_{x}(0, y, s)$ on the boundary $S=\partial D$. The solution to the problem is found for an integral representation depending on the heat flux on $S$ which is an additional unknown of the considered problem. We obtain that the heat flux $V$ must satisfy a Volterra integral equation of the second kind in the time variable $t$ with a parameter in $\mathbb{R}^{n-1}$. Under some conditions on data, we show that a unique local solution exists, which can be extended globally in time. Finally in the one-dimensional case, we obtain the explicit solution by using the Laplace transform and the Adomian decomposition method.