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Vol. 60, no. 1 (2019)

Primary decomposition and secondary representation of modules. Masoumeh Hasanzad and Jafar A'zami
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Lie $n$-multiplicative mappings on triangular $n$-matrix rings. Bruno L. M. Ferreira and Henrique Guzzo Jr.
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Higher order mean curvatures of SAC half lightlike submanifolds of indefinite almost contact manifolds. Fortuné Massamba and Samuel Ssekajja
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Branching laws: some results and new examples. Oscar Márquez, Sebastián Simondi, and Jorge A. Vargas
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On the structure of split involutive Hom-Lie color algebras. Valiollah Khalili
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The multivariate bisection algorithm. Manuel López Galván
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Some new $Z$-eigenvalue localization sets for tensors and their applications. Zhengge Huang, Ligong Wang, Zhong Xu, and Jingjing Cui
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Direct theorems of trigonometric approximation for variable exponent Lebesgue spaces. Ramazan Akgün
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Pricing American put options under stochastic volatility using the Malliavin derivative. Mohamed Kharrat
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Trajectorial market models: arbitrage and pricing intervals. Sebastián E. Ferrando, Alfredo L. González, Iván L. Degano, and Massoomeh Rahsepar
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