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Vol. 60, no. 2 (2019)

Linear Poisson structures and Hom-Lie algebroids. Esmaeil Peyghan, Amir Baghban, and Esa Sharahi
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On supersolvable groups whose maximal subgroups of the Sylow subgroups are subnormal. Pengfei Guo, Xingqiang Xiu, and Guangjun Xu
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Periodic solutions of Euler–Lagrange equations in an anisotropic Orlicz–Sobolev space setting. Fernando D. Mazzone and Sonia Acinas
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Classification of left invariant Hermitian structures on 4-dimensional non-compact rank one symmetric spaces. Srdjan Vukmirović, Marijana Babić, and Andrijana Dekić
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Almost additive-quadratic-cubic mappings in modular spaces. Mohammad Maghsoudi, Abasalt Bodaghi, Abolfazl Niazi Motlagh, and Majid Karami
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