Revista de la
Unión Matemática Argentina
Comparison morphisms between two projective resolutions of monomial algebras
María Julia Redondo, Lucrecia Román
Volume 59, no. 1 (2018), pp. 1–31

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We construct comparison morphisms between two well-known projective resolutions of a monomial algebra $A$: the bar resolution $\operatorname{\mathbb{Bar}} A$ and Bardzell's resolution $\operatorname{\mathbb{Ap}} A$; the first one is used to define the cup product and the Lie bracket on the Hochschild cohomology $\operatorname{HH} ^*(A)$ and the second one has been shown to be an efficient tool for computation of these cohomology groups. The constructed comparison morphisms allow us to show that the cup product restricted to even degrees of the Hochschild cohomology has a very simple description. Moreover, for $A= \mathbb{k} Q/I$ a monomial algebra such that $\dim_ \mathbb{k} e_i A e_j = 1$ whenever there exists an arrow $\alpha: i \to j \in Q_1$, we describe the Lie action of the Lie algebra $\operatorname{HH} ^1(A)$ on $\operatorname{HH} ^ {\ast} (A)$.