VII Congreso Dr. Antonio A. R. Monteiro

Analysis and its applications

The VII Congress Dr. Antonio A. R. Monteiro will be held on August 13, 14 and 15, 2003, hosted by the Departamento de Matemática (Universidad Nacional del Sur) and the Instituto de Matemática (Universidad Nacional del Sur/Conicet), in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

The main topic for this VII Congress is Analysis and its applications.

There will also be sessions, posters and lectures on analysis, algebra, statistics, algebraic logic, etc.

We want to favor the interaction among participants in order to identify common research priorities, and to explore possible areas of joint research cooperation. Accordingly, we plan the event so that the mornings will be entirely devoted to lectures. Afternoons will be devoted to courses for students and to short communications. For those not attending the courses, there will be some free time in the afternoons for informal discussions in the workshop manner. Poster sessions will be also available during the congress.

There will be 3 courses for students of 3 hours each, some 20 short communications and posters. Part of the purpose of the congress is to help participants, specially students, to contact good mathematicians.

The main lectures will appear in the proceedings, as well as some refereed short communications.

All activities will take place in dependences of the Departamento de Matemática, Universidad Nacional del Sur, located at Av. Alem 1253.

Lectures will be given in Spanish.

Main speakers

  • Hugo Aimar (IMAL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Carlos Cabrelli (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Ricardo Durán (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Eleonor Harboure (IMAL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Roberto Macías (IMAL, Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Francisco J. Martín Reyes (Universidad de Málaga, España)
  • Roberto Miatello (FAMAF, Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Julio Rossi (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Carlos Segovia (IAM, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Marta Urciuolo (FAMAF, Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Felipe Zó (IMASL, San Luis, Argentina)

Organizing committee

  • Manuel Abad
  • Aurora V. Germani
  • Pablo A. Panzone
  • Luis A. Piován
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